Please find below the pay scale for the different lengths of shoots:

Duration of shoot:                        Your Pay:                    Actual £ /h paid                

30 mins                                          £40                              £80

1 hour                                             £60                              £60

2 hours                                          £90                              £45

3 hours                                          £125                             £41.67

Half day (4 hours)                         £160                             £40

Full day (8 hours)                         £300                             £42.86*

*Full day packages usually include one hour of lunch break, therefore the £ /h is calculated to 7 hours of work.

Since Perfocal does the editing & delivery, this is considered as 'net pay' for your time shooting. 

Please note that we require files to be uploaded in a certain time after shoot (currently within within 16 hours after shoot is completed), so our editors have enough time to process them. Late delivery may be facing a penalty up to 50% of the original agreed pay.

We would also like to reiterate that these amounts are paid, merely for the shooting of the photos. We take care of the time consuming editing processes for you 😉

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