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I'm accepted as a photographer, what next?
I'm accepted as a photographer, what next?

How photographers get jobs from Perfocal

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Firstly, congratulations and a warm welcome to the Perfocal Community! And thanks again for joining! 

Once the Perfocal team has assessed your portfolio, verified your details and given you a go-ahead, you will need to set up your payout method via Stripe. And then? You're ready to go!

Our developed algorithm automatically matches new jobs to suitable photographers based on information such as your location and expertise. 

What do you need to do when you receive a booking request?
Simply review the details and tap Accept or Drop. Each photographer will be given a short exclusive decision window to decide on the job request. It is completely up to you which booking you want to take on. You may still get the job if you accept it outside of your exclusive window, as long as it is not picked up by another photographer who is in their exclusive window. 

For years, professional photographers have been spending their precious time doing all things NOT photography like replying to enquiries that they can't fulfil or don't like. Perfocal has been built to assist photographers in creating more time for their passion: taking beautiful photos. So go ahead, follow your passion and snap away!

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