Got your first booking? Awesome! Here's a quick photography checklist for you:

Client Communication

  • Schedule a call with the client as soon as possible 📞

  • Get information about venue, lighting conditions and space constrains etc. etc., and get prepared

  • For formal events, make sure the client has got your tickets sorted out 🎫

  • Ask for an event agenda if available, and make notes of key frames to be captured

  • Ask about dress code if necessary

  • For portrait sessions, it's always nice to brainstorm with the client and work out some creative photo ideas! 


  • Get your batteries fully charged, and always bring backup power supplies! 🔋

  • Bring a grey card in case white balance adjustment is needed

  • Use diffusers for softer and natural lighting 

  • Carry a 2nd flash light ⚡️

  • A portable umbrella diffuser is surprisingly useful in many scenarios

  • Use a backup SD card if your camera allows

  • If you're covering a baby / children photo shoot, some cute props will make your photos really stand out!

On the day:

  • Plan your travel in advance, be aware of the traffic 🚘

  • Arrive at least 5 mins earlier, preferably 10-15 mins if possible

  • Update your ETA with your client

  • Make sure you follow the client's photo brief if provided

Enjoy the shoot!

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